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[ I am not a doctor ]

I am not a doctor.

Technically. I mean, I diagnose myself all the time. Oh, my throat is sore? Must be tonsillitis. My headache won’t go away? Yeah, it’s probably a tumor. I’m a goner.

The slightest hint of a sniffle and immediately, I’m on Web MD and I’ve diagnosed myself with some sort of rare disease. It’s enough to send me out the door and off to my doctor’s office in a heartbeat.

I buy into vitamins and super-foods, even though I’ve read things to the contrary. I spend more money to ensure I buy organic, free range, gluten free and dairy free. I’m conscious of what I put into my body and I care.

So, with all of this amazing self awareness of my diet and general health and well-being, why is it that when it came to my mental health, I ignored all of the warning signs and had a complete breakdown?

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Guilty Pleasures and Secret Shames

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How To Get Ready For A Date

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No but like… can we just make out a little?

No but like… can we just make out a little?

Oh god.


Zac Efron on ‘That Awkward Moment’ (x)

Can we just get married already?

"You had a pretty bad accident like a few months ago, right?"

"Actually I did, yeah, I broke my jaw"

Vee’s Survival Guide

Fuck Bear Grylls, I’m telling you things…

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New Year’s Resolutions

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Intrusive Questions

Because in my family, nothing says Christmas more than “do you have a boyfriend yet?”

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Bad Christmas Gifts

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Work Pet Peeves


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